Dr. Dimas Sianipar

Ph.D. in Earth System Science

Taiwan International Ph.D. Graduate Program for Earth System Sciences (TIGP-ESS)
Institute of Earth Sciences (IES), Academia Sinica &
College of Earth Sciences (CES), National Central University
Taiwan (Republic of China)
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also affiliated with: Program Studi D-IV Geofisika, Sekolah Tinggi Meteorologi, Klimatologi, dan Geofisika (STMKG) – Agency for Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics of the Republic of Indonesia (BMKG)

My current affiliation (click): [TIGP ESS] [BMKG] [STMKG]

Research Interest: (1) Observational earthquake seismology; Earthquake source modeling; Seismicity analysis; Seismotectonics, including earthquake nucleation and triggering. (2) Earthquake hazard; earthquake disaster reduction

Email: dimas@g.ncu.edu.tw, dsj.sianipar@stmkg.ac.id


Why Sianipar17?
Because I am one of the 17th generation of the Sianipar clan, from Batak Toba ethnic groups in North Sumatra. Check here (link).