About Me

My nickname is Dimas. I obtained my Ph.D. from the Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP) Earth System Sciences, a joint program of Academia Sinica and National Central University (NCU), Taiwan. I was studying and working under Professor Dr. Bor-Shouh Huang (Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica | Scopus ID: 7403681659) and Professor Dr. Kuo-Fong Ma (IES Academia Sinica & E-DREAM, NCU; Wikipedia Profile | Scopus ID: 7202837121). I am interested in observational earthquake seismology.
I came from Indonesia. My hometown is Pematangsiantar, a small city in North Sumatra, Indonesia, close to Toba lake, and the existing caldera of Toba supervolcano. I love to encourage everyone to visit Toba lake and its vicinity. I am also working on Indonesia’s BMKG (Agency for Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics of the Republic of Indonesia), in particular for its state college named STMKG.

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Personal e-mail:

dimas.salomo@gmail.com (primary); dsj.sianipar@gmail.com (frequently checked)

Official e-mail: 

dimas@g.ncu.edu.tw (frequently checked); dimas.salomo@bmkg.go.id (not used currently); dsj.sianipar@stmkg.ac.id (frequently checked); 106622608@cc.ncu.edu.tw (infrequently checked)

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