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[Springer Nature Limited]

– Nature [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Nature Geoscience (NGEO) [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Scientific Reports [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *OA

– Nature Communications [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *OA

– Nature Reviews Earth & Environment [Web]

– Communications Earth and Environment [Web] *OA

>> Link to articles in Nature group journals (Nature, Nature Geosciences, Scientific Reports,  Nature Communications, etc) related to Earthquake Seismology. Click Here.

Nature Subject: Seismology

[Science AAAS]

– Science [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Science Advances [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *OA

>> Link to articles in Sciences Journal Group (Science, Science Advance, etc) related to Earthquake Seismology. Link


– PNAS [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *Fee

[Annual Reviews]

– Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

[Wiley] –> **AGU Publication Fees

– Reviews of Geophysics [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] **

– Geophysical Research Letters (GRL) [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] **

– Tectonics [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] **

– Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth (JGR: SE) [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] **

– JAMES [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] **OA

– Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] **

– Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems (G3) [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] **

– Terra Nova [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Earth and Space Science [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] **OA

– Earth and Planetary Physics [Web] *free (first three years)

– AGU Advances [Web] **OA

>> Link to articles in Wiley group journals (GRL, JGR SE, etc) related to Earthquake Seismology. Click Here.

[Oxford UP]

– Geophysical Journal International (GJI) [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *Fee (color figures only)

(link to GJI Seismology)

– Journal of Geophysics and Engineering [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *OA

[Elsevier & ScienceDirect]

– Earth-Science Reviews [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Gondwana Research [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Earth and Planetary Science Letters (EPSL) [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Geoscience Frontiers [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Global and Planetary Change [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Engineering Geology [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Marine and Petroleum Geology [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Geothermics [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Marine Geology [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Computers and Geotechnics [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Journal of Structural Geology [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Journal of Geodynamics [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Tectonophysics [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Journal of Asian Earth Sciences [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Computers and Geosciences [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research (JVGR) [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors (PEPI) [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Ocean and Coastal Management [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Physics and Chemistry of the Earth [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Journal of South American Earth Sciences [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Advances in Geophysics (Book Series) [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Geodesy and Geodynamics [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Progress in Disaster Science [Web]


– Surveys in Geophysics [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Journal of Geodesy [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Landslides [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Acta Geotechnica [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Earth, Planets and Space [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *OA [Preprint]

– Progress in Earth and Planetary Science [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *OA [Preprint]

– Natural Hazards [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– International Journal of Earth Sciences [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Bulletin of Volcanology [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– International Journal of Disaster Risk Science [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Journal of Earth Science [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Journal of Seismology [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Geosciences Journal [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Marine Geophysical Research [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Pure and Applied Geophysics [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Frontiers of Earth Science [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Arabian Journal of Geosciences [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Journal of Earth System Science [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Geotectonics [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Izvestiya. Physics of the Solid Earth [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Acta Geophysica [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Journal of Volcanology and Seismology [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Doklady Earth Sciences [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Geoscience Letters [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *OA [Preprint]

– Geotechnical and Geological Engineering [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Seismic Instruments [Web]

– Geoenvironmental Disasters [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *OA (covered) [Preprint]

[Tailor & Francis] – TBD


– Remote Sensing [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *OA

– Geosciences [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *OA


– Geology [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *Fee

– Bulletin GSA [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *Fee

– Seismological Research Letters (SRL) [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *Fee

– Geosphere [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *OA

– Lithosphere [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *OA

– Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America (BSSA) [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *Fee

– The Seismic Record (TSR) (est. 2021) *OA


[Copernicus / EGU Journals]

– Earth System Science Data [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *OA (currently waived)

– Earth System Dynamics [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *OA

– Natural Hazard and Earth System Sciences (NHESS) [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *OA

– Solid Earth (SE) [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *OA

– Advances in Geosciences [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *OA


[World Scientific]

– Journal of Earthquake and Tsunami [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]


– Frontiers in Earth Science [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *OA


– Disaster Prevention and Management [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]


– Geofluids [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *OA

– International Journal of Geophysics [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *OA

[De Gruyter]

– Open Geosciences [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *OA


– Geotechnique [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– JGGEFK [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– American Journal of Science [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Canadian Geotechnical Journal [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Earthquake Spectra [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Oceanography [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– SEG Geophysics [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– The Leading Edge [Web]

– GSA Today [Web]

– Natural Hazards Review [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Geological Society Special Publication [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (TAO) [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *OA

– Journal of Disaster Research (JDR) [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *OA

– Annals of Geophysics [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Earthquake Science [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Geofisica Internacional [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Indonesian Journal on Geoscience [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

– Science of Tsunami Hazards [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]

Non journal: USGS Professional Paper [Link]

Non journal: GFZ Scientific Technical Report [Link]


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EarthArXiv Keyword: indonesia

EarthArXiv Keyword: earthquake

Zenodo Keyword: indonesia

Zenodo Keyword: earthquake

ArXiv Keyword: indonesia

ArXiv Keyword: earthquake

Preprints Keyword: indonesia

Preprints Keyword: earthquake

ESSOAr Keyword: indonesia

ESSOAr Keyword: earthquake

ResearchSquare Keyword: earthquake


~Earthquakes in Indonesia (Searching by Scopus)

“earthquake” AND “indonesia”

“earthquake” AND “sumatra”

“earthquake” AND “java”

“earthquake” AND “sunda”

“earthquake” AND “banda”

“earthquake” AND “bali”

“earthquake” AND “nusa tenggara”

“earthquake” AND “sumbawa”

“earthquake” AND “timor”

“earthquake” AND “sumba”

“earthquake” AND “papua”

“earthquake” AND “molucca”

“earthquake” AND “halmahera”

“earthquake” AND “seram”

“earthquake” AND “sulawesi”

“earthquake” AND “borneo”

“earthquake” AND “bmkg”


~Earthquakes in Indonesia (Searching by Google Scholar)

“earthquake” AND “indonesia”

“earthquake” AND “sumatra”

“earthquake” AND “java”

“earthquake” AND “sunda”

“earthquake” AND “banda”

“earthquake” AND “bali”

“earthquake” AND “lombok”

“earthquake” AND “nusa tenggara”

“earthquake” AND “sumbawa”

“earthquake” AND “timor”

“earthquake” AND “sumba”

“earthquake” AND “papua”

“earthquake” AND “molucca”

“earthquake” AND “halmahera”

“earthquake” AND “seram”

“earthquake” AND “sulawesi”

“earthquake” AND “borneo”

“earthquake” AND “bmkg”


Google Scholar + seismology method

“earthquake” AND “catalog” AND “completeness”

“earthquake” AND “matched filter”

“earthquake” AND “template matching”

“earthquake” AND “waveform” AND “inversion”

“earthquake” AND “finite fault” AND “inversion”

“earthquake” AND “rupture” AND “inversion”

“earthquake” AND “back-projection”

“earthquake” AND “stress drop” AND “spectra”

“earthquake” AND “empirical green’s function”

“earthquake” AND “waveform” AND “correlation”

“earthquake” AND “hypocenter” AND “relocation”

“earthquake” AND “velest”

“earthquake” AND “double-difference”

“earthquake” AND “b-value”

“earthquake” AND “aftershock” AND “p-value”

“earthquake” AND “moment tensor” AND “inversion”

“earthquake” AND “mechanism” AND “inversion”

“earthquake” AND “stress” AND “coulomb”

“earthquake” AND “stress inversion”

“earthquake” AND “repeating earthquakes”

“earthquake” AND “depth phase”

“earthquake” AND “afterslip”

“earthquake” AND “attenuation”

“earthquake” AND “receiver function”

“earthquake” AND “wave” AND “tomography”