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[Springer Nature Limited]

[Science AAAS]

  • Science [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Science Advances [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE] *OA
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[Annual Reviews]

  • Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]

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  • Reviews of Geophysics [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE] **
  • Geophysical Research Letters (GRL) [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE] **
  • Tectonics [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE] **
  • Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth (JGR: SE) [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE] **
  • JAMES [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE] **OA
  • Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE] **
  • Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems (G3) [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE] **
  • Terra Nova [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Earth and Space Science [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE] **OA
  • Earth and Planetary Physics [Web] *free (first three years)
  • AGU Advances [Web] **OA
  • Perspective of Earth and Space Scientiests [Web] **OA
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[Oxford UP]

[Community-led Diamond OA Earth Sciences Journals]

[Elsevier & ScienceDirect & KeAi]

  • Earth-Science Reviews [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Gondwana Research [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Earth and Planetary Science Letters (EPSL) [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Geoscience Frontiers [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Global and Planetary Change [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Engineering Geology [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Marine and Petroleum Geology [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Geothermics [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Marine Geology [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Computers and Geotechnics [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Journal of Structural Geology [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Journal of Geodynamics [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Tectonophysics [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Journal of Asian Earth Sciences [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE] [X-version]
  • Computers and Geosciences [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research (JVGR) [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors (PEPI) [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Ocean and Coastal Management [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE] [K:earthquake]
  • Physics and Chemistry of the Earth [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Journal of South American Earth Sciences [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Advances in Geophysics (Book Series) [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Geodesy and Geodynamics [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]
  • Progress in Disaster Science [Web] [K:earthquake]
  • Natural Hazard Research [Web]
  • Earthquake Research Advances [Web]


  • Surveys in Geophysics [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Journal of Geodesy [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Landslides [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Acta Geotechnica [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Earth, Planets and Space [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE] *OA [Preprint]
  • Progress in Earth and Planetary Science [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE] *OA [Preprint]
  • Natural Hazards [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE] [K:earthquake]
  • Geoscience Letters [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE] *OA [Preprint]
  • International Journal of Earth Sciences [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Bulletin of Volcanology [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • International Journal of Disaster Risk Science [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE] [K:earthquake]
  • Journal of Earth Science [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Environmental Earth Sciences [Web]
  • Journal of Seismology [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Geosciences Journal [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Marine Geophysical Research [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Pure and Applied Geophysics [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Frontiers of Earth Science [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Arabian Journal of Geosciences [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Journal of Earth System Science [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Geotectonics [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Studia Geophysica et Geodaetica [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Acta Geodaetica et Geophysica [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Izvestiya. Physics of the Solid Earth [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Acta Geophysica [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Journal of Volcanology and Seismology [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Doklady Earth Sciences [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE]
  • Geotechnical and Geological Engineering [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]
  • Seismic Instruments [Web]
  • Geoenvironmental Disasters [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *OA (covered) [Preprint] [K:earthquake]

[Tailor & Francis] – TBD

  • Geomatics, Natural Hazards and Risk [Web] [K:earthquake]
  • Journal of Earthquake Engineering [Web]
  • New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics [Web]
  • Australian Journal of Earth Sciences [Web]
  • Georisk [Web]


  • Remote Sensing [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE] *OA
  • Sensors [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE] *OA
  • Sustainability [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE] *OA
  • Applied Sciences [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] [SCIE] *OA
  • Geosciences [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *OA
  • GeoHazards [Web]



[Copernicus / EGU Journals]

  • Earth System Science Data [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *OA (currently waived)
  • Earth System Dynamics [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *OA
  • Natural Hazard and Earth System Sciences (NHESS) [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *OA
  • Solid Earth (SE) [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *OA
  • Advances in Geosciences [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *OA


[World Scientific]




  • Geofluids [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *OA
  • International Journal of Geophysics [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *OA

[De Gruyter]

  • Journal of Applied Geodesy [Web]
  • Open Geosciences [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *OA


  • Geotechnique [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]
  • JGGEFK [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]
  • IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]
  • American Journal of Science [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]
  • Canadian Geotechnical Journal [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]
  • Earthquake Spectra [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]
  • Oceanography [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]
  • SEG Geophysics [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]
  • The Leading Edge [Web]
  • GSA Today [Web]
  • Natural Hazards Review [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]
  • Geological Society Special Publication [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]
  • Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (TAO) [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *OA
  • Journal of Disaster Research (JDR) [Web] [Scopus] [SJR] *OA
  • Annals of Geophysics [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]
  • Earthquake Science [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]
  • Geofisica Internacional [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]
  • Indonesian Journal on Geoscience [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]
  • Science of Tsunami Hazards [Web] [Scopus] [SJR]
  • Non journal: USGS Professional Paper [Link], USGS Publications Warehouse
  • Non journal: GFZ Scientific Technical Report [Link]


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