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Here I listed 30 highest impact factor journals related to earthquake. The rankings is from Scimago Journal Rank (SJR). Click Here to Download the Excel List.

Here also I listed some indexed web: Scopus, SJR, SCI (Thomson Reuters), Sinta Dikti

30 journals here are journal that have “earthquake” related research for many papers.

The query string below is used in Scopus Advanced Search.

  1. Nature: (SOURCE-ID (21206)) AND (earthquake)
  2. Science: (SOURCE-ID (23571)) AND (earthquake)
  3. Review of Geophysics: (SOURCE-ID (28599)) AND (earthquake)
  4. Nature Geoscience: (SOURCE-ID (17600155041)) AND (earthquake)
  5. Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences: (SOURCE-ID (22005)) AND (earthquake)
  6. Geotechnique: (SOURCE-ID (15714)) AND (earthquake)
  7. Earth-Science Reviews: (SOURCE-ID (22580)) AND (earthquake)
  8. Earth and Planetary Science Letters: (SOURCE-ID (22566)) AND (earthquake)
  9. Geology: (SOURCE-ID (26959)) AND (earthquake)
  10. Geophysical Research Letters: (SOURCE-ID (27962)) AND (earthquake)
  11. Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering – ASCE: (SOURCE-ID (16281)) AND (earthquake)
  12. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing: (SOURCE-ID (17360)) AND (earthquake)
  13. Bulletin of the Geological Society of America: (SOURCE-ID (26499)) AND (earthquake)
  14. American Journal of Science: (SOURCE-ID (22003)) AND (earthquake)
  15. Advances in Geophysics: (SOURCE-ID (27423)) AND (earthquake)
  16. Tectonics: (SOURCE-ID (28987)) AND (earthquake)
  17. Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics: (SOURCE-ID (15620)) AND (earthquake)
  18. Surveys in Geophysics: (SOURCE-ID (28977)) AND (earthquake)
  19. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems: (SOURCE-ID (19500157010)) AND (earthquake)
  20. Computers and Geotechnics: (SOURCE-ID (18163)) AND (earthquake)
  21. Journal of Geophysical Research: (SOURCE-ID (28428)) AND (earthquake)
  22. Canadian Geotechnical Journal: (SOURCE-ID (22030)) AND (earthquake)
  23. Geoscience Frontiers: (SOURCE-ID (19700182749)) AND (earthquake)
  24. Lithosphere: (SOURCE-ID (19700182408)) AND (earthquake)
  25. Seismological Research Letters: (SOURCE-ID (28946)) AND (earthquake)
  26. Engineering Geology: (SOURCE-ID (15648)) AND (earthquake)
  27. Journal of Geodesy: (SOURCE-ID (28439)) AND (earthquake)
  28. Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America: (SOURCE-ID (28947)) AND (earthquake)
  29. Earthquake Spectra: (SOURCE-ID (27891)) AND (earthquake)
  30. Acta Geotechnica: (SOURCE-ID (4700152635)) AND (earthquake)

Other: Link to Nature group journals (Nature, NGEO, Scientific Reports, etc) related to Seismology. Click Here.

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