My Courses

Semester I (106-1 Fall Semester, 201709-201802)

[TIGP] Elementary Chinese I [Monday, 09-12 am]

[NCU] Earthquakes and Water [Tuesday, 09-12 am] [Link]

[TIGP-ESS] Introductory to Earth System Sciences [Wednesday, 09-12 am] [Link; the link is deleted now]

[TIGP-ESS] Seminar and Research Discussion I [Wednesday, 01-02 pm]

[TIGP-ESS] General Geophysics [Wednesday, 02-05 pm] [Link]

[NCU] Colloquium [Friday, 10-12 am] [Link]

Invited Seminar in IESAS [Tentative]

EPSL Meeting [Tentative]

Semester II (106-2 Spring Semester, 201803-201808)

[TIGP] Elementary Chinese II [Monday, 09-12 am]

[TIGP-ESS] Geology and Tectonics [Wednesday, 09-12 am]

[TIGP-ESS] Seminar and Research Discussion II [Wednesday, 01-02 pm]

[TIGP-ESS] Global Seismology [Wednesday, 02-05 pm]

[NCU] Source Mechanics/Earthquake Physics [Thursday, 03-05 pm]

[NCU] Colloquium [Friday, 10-12 am] [Link]

[NCU] Geomechanics [Friday, 02-05 pm] [Link]

Invited Seminar in IESAS [Tentative]

EPSL Meeting [Tentative]

Semester III (107-1 Fall Semester, 201809-201902)

[NCU] Satellite Geodesy and Navigation [Monday, 10am – 01pm]

[NCU] Advanced Physical Geology [Monday, 01-03 pm]

[NCU] Digital Signal Processing [Tuesday, 02-05 pm]

[TIGP-ESS] Seminar and Research Discussion III [Wednesday, 01-02 pm]

[NCU] Advanced Seismology I [Wednesday, 03-05 pm]

[NCU] Advanced Observatory Seismology [Thursday, 10-12 am]

[NCU] Earthquake Disaster Reduction [Friday, 04-06 pm]

EPSL Meeting [Tentative]

Semester IV (107-2 Spring Semester, 201903-201908)

[TIGP-ESS] Seminar and Research Discussion IV [Wednesday, 01-02 pm]

NCU Colloquium [Friday, 10-12 am]

Invited Seminar in IESAS [Tentative]

EPSL Meeting [Tentative]

Research Manuscript […]

Semester V (108-1 Fall Semester, 201909-202002)

[TIGP-ESS] Special Topics in Seismology / Earthquake Sciences [Tuesday, 03.00-04.50 pm]

Research Manuscript […]

Semester VI (108-2 Spring Semester, 202003-202008)

[TIGP-ESS] Written section of my Ph.D. qualifying exam (10 March 2020)

Research Manuscript […]

Semester VII (109-1 Fall Semester, 202009-202102)

[TIGP-ESS] Oral section of my Ph.D. qualifying exam (9 December 2020)

Research Manuscript […]

Semester VIII (109-2 Spring Semester, 202103-202108)

Research Manuscript […]

Thesis Writing […]

Semester IX (110-1 Fall Semester)

Research Manuscript […]

Thesis Writing […]


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