Scientific Writing

How to write a scientific manuscript.

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Tools for scientific writing and productivity:

Collaborative Tool: Etherpad, Authorea

Figure Maker: GMT

Color Codes:, GMTColors

Quick Map: GeoMapApp

Language Editing: Grammarly, Grammica, GrammarCheck, Reverso, Hemingway, ClichéFinder

Crowdsourced English: PowerThesaurus, PhraseBank, Linguee

Similarity Checker: Turnitin

Reference Manager: Zotero, Mendeley, EndNote

Data Digitizer: WebPlotDigitizer, GetData

Data Wrapper: DataWrapper

Calculator: Scientific Calculator, GPS Visualizer

Time Converter: EpochConverter

File Converter: PDF(dot)io

Flowchart Maker:, WorkFlowy

Quick Statistical Analyses:

Image Quality Analyzer: Pictorem

Visualization: ParaView