FFM Database

Here I compiled some earthquake finite fault database:

Dr. Chen Ji database

Dr. Yuji Yagi database

Dr. Linling Ye database

Caltech database

SRCMOD (Dr. P. Martin Mai)

SRCMOD Ref: Mai and Thingbaijam, SRL, 2014

Hayes et al. (EPSL, 2017)

Hayes etal (2017) supplement [Earthquake origin and source details for all earthquakes in database.]

Finite Fault Database USGS

Harvard Back-projection analysis

IRIS back-projection rupture imaging

IRIS back-projection product

Kikuchi and Kanamori Teleseismic Body-wave Inversion


Benavente et al. (GRL, 2016): w-phase slip inversion

Kiser and Ishii (AREPS, 2017): back-projection method

Ma et al. (BSSA, 2001)


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