The 2016 Pidie Jaya, N. Sumatra, Earthquake

Mw 6.6 – 6 December 2016  [BMKG Initial] [USGS] [Geofon GFZ] [Global CMT] [Scardec Geoscope] [EMSC] [IRIS Wilber 3] [IRIS Event Page] [ISC Event Page]

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Distribution of events after the 2016 Pidie Jaya earthquake (unrelocated)

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Seismogram of the mainshock at the vertical component of nine BMKG seismic stations in North Sumatra

(1) We apply hypocenter relocation and moment tensor inversion by using regional permanent broadband seismic data of BMKG

(2) We perform template matching detection to search for missing foreshocks and aftershocks

(3) We perform finite fault inversion and static stress changes for the mainshock

Youtube: spectrogram and sound-wave at LHMI station (Link); early aftershocks + spectrogram + sound-wave (Link)


(1) Advanced seismological analysis of the 2016 Pidie Jaya, N. Sumatra earthquake, in monthly meeting of BMKG – Medan (Presentation and data are available on request)

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Publications (peer-reviewed): (in preparation)

PIC: Dimas Sianipar