typhoon maria

2018/07/10 21:04  Highway authority heightens control of more than 10 highways in Taiwan during typhoon

2018/07/10 20:43  Northeast Taiwan’s Yilan, offshore island Matsu declare Wednesday a typhoon holiday

2018/07/10 19:29  Typhoon Maria downgraded from super typhoon just before hitting Taiwan

2018/07/10 18:56  Taipei City braces for Typhoon Maria

2018/07/10 17:57  Typhoon holiday timing causes havoc on Taipei MRT

2018/07/10 16:50  Taiwan orders evacuations as season’s 1st typhoon approaches

2018/07/10 16:11  48% of workers in Taiwan will still work on typhoon day: online survey

2018/07/10 16:06  TRA announces partial rail closure due to Super Typhoon Maria

2018/07/10 12:25  Photo of the Day: Calm before the storm in Taipei

2018/07/10 11:03  HSR runs as planned on July 10, decision for July 11 service announced later today

2018/07/10 10:58  Airlines announce cancellations at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport as Typhoon Maria nears

2018/07/10 10:24  Cities, counties across northern Taiwan announce closures this afternoon for Typhoon Maria

2018/07/10 09:15  Taiwan braces for impact with Super Typhoon Maria at 5 p.m. 

2018/07/10 00:41  Land warning issued for Super Typhoon Maria as it nears Taiwan

2018/07/09 17:20  4,000 people ferried off Orchid Island, Green Island in Taiwan

2018/07/09 17:04  Peach cancels 8 Taiwan-Japan flights on July 10, owing to Super Typhoon Maria

2018/07/09 15:01  Sea warning issued in Taiwan for Super Typhoon Maria

2018/07/09 09:56  Update: Super Typhoon Maria poised to pounce on Taiwan Tuesday

2018/07/08 18:11  Ships between Taitung and offshore islands in southeastern Taiwan to be suspended due to Typhoon Maria

2018/07/07 17:13  Super Typhoon Maria might make landfall in Northern Taiwan

2018/07/06 16:21  Typhoon Maria strengthens to category 5, could impact Taiwan July 10

2018/07/06 15:41  Hottest day of the year in Taipei at 38.5 degrees

2018/07/06 10:22  Typhoon Maria could lash northern Taiwan by Wednesday