West Halmahera Swarm (WHS)

Relocated events during the 2015 West Halmahera Swarm (WHS)

(1) We apply hypocenter relocation and moment tensor inversion by using regional permanent broadband seismic data of BMKG. Before, we also did an inversion for providing appropriate 1-D velocity model.

(2) We perform template matching detection to search for missing seismicity during the earthquake swarm period

(3) We calculate the source parameters of the small earthquakes (tensile crack events analysis)

(4) We do the statistical analysis of the earthquake sequences


(1) Estimasi model kecepatan lokal gelombang P dan S satu dimensi (1-D) wilayah Halmahera, 2018, Seminar Nasional Fisika dan Aplikasinya, presented by Renhard Sipayung

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PIC: Dimas Sianipar, Renhard Sipayung (BMKG – Banjarnegara)