The web page of some senior experts in seismology, geophysics and earth science (geoscience):

Hiroo Kanamori

Paul G. Richards

Anthony Lomax

Felix Waldhauser

Zhigang Peng

Nobuo Hurukawa

Aron Meltzner

Nanang T Puspito

James J. Mori

Kerry Sieh

John Vidale

Peter Shearer

Miao Zhang

Andrew Newman

Jiří Zahradník

Efthimios Sokos

Jose Pujol

Clifford Thurber 

Guust Nolet

B.L.N. Kennett

Raúl Madariaga

Frank Scherbaum

Jens Havskov

Cliff Frohlich

Gavin P Hayes

Luis Rivera

Zacharie DUPUTEL

Victor C. Tsai

Jon Claerbout

Albert Tarantola

Robert L. Nowack

Heiner Igel

Łukasz Rudziński

Lupei Zhu

Garrett Gene Euler


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